If you would like to put a Hateball banner on your webpage (and we would love you too... obviously!!)
you can download them from the links below (right click on the link and choose save as):

Large (435 x 56) 6.6kb : Medium (310 x 40) 4kb : Small (234 x 30) 2.5kb

Music Resources

Serafina Studios - Where the latest demo was recorded in Eastbourne - great value for money!
Punk Rock Shop - A great source for Punk Rock clothing, music and more!
Podcast Network - Downloadable Rockshows in MP3 format... listen on your PC or iPod!
Stakeout Studios - Cool Studio in Sunbury where the H8ball album was recorded..
Big Cheese Magazine - The best underground mag around!
East Magazine - Eastbourne and region free monthly magazine... it's a cool read!
Gemma Shaw - Freelance photograher... taken some great Hateball pix
Studio 284 - Brighton Studio (early demo's recorded here)
Mockinbird Studio - Brighton Studio (early demo's recorded here)
Brighton Rock Net - web site and forum about all things Rock in and around Brighton
Eastbourne Beer
- Eastbourne Forum for bands and anyone into Beer!
Brighton Punk - news forum for Brighton area punk bands
Punk & Oi in the UK - the latest news on the current Punk & Oi scene from the UK and the rest of the world
- you can buy the Satyre album here!!!
Many Dead Things - Kick Ass Comic Books and Sick Art
Retro Rebels - Toby's favourite online clothing shop

Unsigned, local or just up and coming Bands - check 'em out!

Hateball on MySpace - Check us out!!!
- Punk Rock'n'Roll
The Hangmen - Rotten to the bone Punk Rock 'n' Roll Psychobilly band
Mr Green Vendetta - 3 chords, served usually under 2 minutes, with a heavy sprinkling of attitude
Slaughterhouse57 - Beer influenced Punk band from Brighton
The Scallywags - Full on Punk Rock Action!!!
Best Left Dead - Old School Punk
Dead Skin Mask - Our buddies from Eastbourne
Beerzone - British Street Punk
Dry Rise - Intense, heavy and melodic rock/metal
The Confession - Quality Punk Rock from Sweden
Satyre - Rob's old band, but still worth checking out

Bands we like and other links

Trashlight Vision - Our mates from Philadelphia featuring Acey Slade from the Murder Dolls
The Damned - THE Legendary Goth Punk Rock band
UK Subs
- Brit Punk Legends
The Anti-Nowhere League - More Brit Punk Legends
Social Distortion - American Punk Legends!
Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards
- The awesome offspring band from Rancid's guitarist
- Needs no Intro!
Th' Legendary Shack-Shakers - the best Southern Gothic amusement you can get for your hard-earned money.
Dropkick Murphy's
- Legendary Irish Drinking band from Boston

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More links coming...