30th Oct 2003

What a fantastic few days we've had - we've been holed up in the studio for three days recording another three songs for our now six track demo, you can download them at nearly cd quality here. Hi to Kerri, Baggy, Sue, Bianca, Michelle, Nicki and everyone at the Red Lion in Chobham where we stayed for making us most welcome - Grant is Karaoke king!!! Videos are available for a (small-ish) fee!!!

We also played an awesome gig at the Hobgoblin last night as part of the Radio One Live in Brighton Event, we went down a storm - Beej from The Trick was there and wrote this review - click here. And Pictures are currently being added to the Gallery.

We'll be back to rehearsing next week and we have some great new songs in the pipeline so keep an eye on the website and also for upcoming gigs.

14th Oct 2003

The launch of the new Website!!! (now old! - Rob 01.02.05) And Chris (Off The Bone Promotions) our new Manager is currently booking gigs for us so check back soon and we should have a load to tell you about!

5th Oct 2003

We have just confirmed a gig at The Hobgoblin in Brighton as part of the Radio One Live in Brighton event, check out our gigs page for more details. Next week we are filming a video for our Bad Day track which we recorded at Stakeout Studio's near Guildford (see below). We are also booked in at Stakeout again to record another 3 songs so hopefully we'll have a damn fine 6 track E.P. at the end of it!!! Just working on some new material for it now!!!

30th Aug 2003

The recording at Stakeout Studio's was a big success, a big thank you to Jason - he really knows his shit!!! Infact we were so impressed we have booked to go again in October to record another 3 songs.

This time we recorded:

Demons - a mid paced very catchy Social Distortion type song
Nothing in Sight - much more up-tempo punky style with our trademark catchy vocals
Bad Day - another mid paced and catchy tune with a ska overtone!

We are currently having a couple of weeks off and will be back in action mid to late sept, we already have some new songs to be aired at our next batch of gigs so watch this space! You can check out samples of these songs on our sounds page

8th July 2003

Just a quick news update - We'll be in a studio near Guildford this weekend recording a brand new demo, we'll give you a full update upon our return - If I survive Grants Farts!!!

5th June 2003

Here we are back again and after a very successful gig at the Concorde 2 in Brighton supporting Mudvayne we have been given one of the support slots for The Exploited gig on July 24th also at the Concorde 2. If you've never been there then you don't know what you're missing it's a great venue with a great sound - tickets can be purchased directly from us so let us know if you want any.

We also have T-shirts available now which you can get directly from us or by ordering on our merchandise page. Another new page is the submissions page - please send in any gig reviews or pictures of you with us or any Hateball artwork etc and we'll bung it on this page!

Although we've just been in the studio we will be going back in on June 22nd to record another 3 tracks, the plan is to record 3 a month until we have enough for an album... we'll keep ya posted!!!

We're also currently working on a video but it's early days yet and we'll let you know more about that soon too!

19th May 2003

We decided to re-record 3 songs and the Demo is now finished and It's sounds awesome!!! Track listing is: Demons, The Limit and Hold Your Head Up. Expect big waves soon!

10th May 2003

Just added a string of gigs - check out the gigs page for more info - including supporting Mudvayne - yes that's right Mudvayne!!! Still working on the new demo, got shit loads of interest in the band now - things lookin' good!

29th April 2003

We've been busy holed up in the recording studio this weekend and now have another 8 songs recorded making 11 in total. Some of the song titles are: The Limit, Demons, Hold Your Head Up and Chance. We'll tell you more about them soon - we should have finished the mixing in a couple of weeks - It's all sounding fuckin' cool so far though!!!

12th April 2003

Coming soon - a free show which will be on our new video, so come along jump about and be remembered forever!!! Watch this space for details. We will also be in the studio at the beginning of May, so the album should be unleashed this summer...so Fuckin' buy it!!! and get off your Arses come to the video shoot and have some fun!! See yer soon Love Hateball x x x

1st Feb 2003

Hello Peeps! Just a few new things - firstly the stunning new web design!!! ;o) and secondly we have a couple of new gigs booked so check out the gigs page for further details. Also got some wicked new songs written and we can't wait to play them for you!