14th November 2004

Well!!! What a lazy shmuck I've been! not updating the news since September!! I'm truly disgusted with myself! I bet the other Hateball boys would be well pissed at me if they knew! maybe they do? maybe they are?? you would think maybe one of them would send me a sarcastic snidey e-mail or something to remind me what a lazy boy I really am!!! I mean it doesn't take long and its not like I have anything better or more important to do! as for our loyal fan base who would like something new to read every now and then! Maybe I should get our stunningly good looking bass player to do it instead? he is a true inspiration to us all!!

Anyhow, The Trash Light Vision show went very well. we played our socks off for 19 tiring minutes and it was all caught on film by Detonator TV which should be up and running fairly soon! The next day we were at the Engine Room with Best Left Dead and new Shoreham punk kids Team Gooch who already have a huge following. rounded off with another late show at T.Js Eastbourne with the legendary GOLDBLADE who were awesome entertainment and cracking blokes AND now fans of ours,we hope to get oop norf with them in the near future.  However, this months highlight was definitely our very own horrorball! it was a true success. big thanks to all who attended and especially Rowena at the Horseshoe! a handful off the pictures taken are now in the gallery for those who didn't make it. Also thanks to Dead Skin Mask, Best Left Dead and Slaughterhouse 57 for completing this legendary bill!

...Look what happens when I let Steve write the news!

26th September 2004

What a busy time we're having!!! We played the Borderline in London on Wednesday with Those Legendary Shack Shakers ... what a fantastic Psychobilly, Bluegrass, Country band they are - if you ever get the chance go see 'em! Hopefully we'll be playing with them again in April when they're back in the UK. Thursday we played the Cable Club in Brighton with Emphyrian & The Hours - good show - great new P.A. system.

While we were at the Borderline Steve bumped into Acey from Trash Light Vision & The Murderdolls, so he gave him a copy of our album. Then 2 days later we get an email asking us to play with them at The Camden Underworld on 5th Oct!!! Come along it'll be a kickin' show!

We've also got gigs on the 6th & 7th so it's a pretty busy time for us!

3rd September 2004

The album has received a 4 out of 5 review in Big Cheese Magazine! Check out the reviews page for more details. New songs are coming along nicely, more gigs are being booked up and the gigs are going well! Big thanks to Best Left Dead for a great gig last night at TJ's in Eastbourne!

3rd August 2004

The Official Emergenza review of the National finals of the battle of the bands competition is out now, so click here to read it!!! Also got another song written tonight.. and it's really awesome!

The Engine Room gig in Brighton has been re-scheduled to Weds 6th Oct check the gigs page for up to date details

26th July 2004

Hateball would like to say a massive thank you to all of our 130 fans who trekked (one way or another) to London to see us last night at the Emergenza finals at the Mean Fiddler. Even though we didn't win we still had an awesome time... despite being thrown on stage with 2 minutes to work out how the amps worked!!! It was still one of our best gigs ever, the atmosphere rocked! and that was thanks to you guys! And we made some useful contacts too.

Have a look at the Gallery as we just added some pics from last night

We've got more new songs in the pipeline so you can all look forward to some new Hateball toons coming your way soon. Keep an eye on the website as well be updating it regularly!

16th July 2004

Between Emphyrian and Hateball we have 3 Double Decker buses going to the Astoria which is approximately 210 people! The Itinerary of the Eastbourne buses are as follows:

Sunday 25th July


Bus 1 (Hateball Bus)
Pick up
Bus 2 (Brighton Rocks Bus)
Pick up
Telescombe Cliffs - outside Famous Moe's
Eastbourne Pier 12:00 noon
Newhaven South Way
(near police station on ring road)
12:00 noon
Glynde 12:20
Seaford Train Station bus stop
Brighton - Old Stein 12:45
Eastbourne Pier
Brighton - Preston Circus 13:00
Bus 3 (Emphyrian Bus) Hassocks - Bowley Funeral Services 13:20
Brighton - Old Stein 12:45 Burgess Hill - Train Station 13:30
Brighton - Preston Circus 13:00 Haywards Heath - Train Station 13:40
All 3 Busses will meet at Pease Pottage Service Station at approx 2pm to continue the journey together

Please be at the pick up points 10 minutes before the buses are due to leave to avoid any delays

Buses will leave London at around 8.30pm once both Hateball and Emphyrian have completed their sections

10th July 2004

Ticket prices confirmed: Emergenza tickets £8 and Coach tickets £5, so that's £13 to see 16 bands and transportation to and from the gig for less than the price of a train ticket!!! What a bargain!!! email us at info@hateball.co.uk and we'll arrange tickets for ya..... Well what are you waiting for???

6th July 2004

What a fantastic weekend!!! Wicked gig at the Junction in Burgess Hill on Saturday, thanks to Best Left Dead, The Trick and Mr Green Vendetta for a great night - we enjoyed every minute of it!

Sunday was the Brighton Marina Beach Bike Bash, probably one of the best gigs yet... we played to about 1500 people and had a really cool time, thanks to Pizza Hut for the free Pizza's and Garlic breads! Apparently it was pretty loud as Matty from Brighton-Rock.net could hear us over his Harley with his helmet on! We played two new songs this weekend too which went down really well!

The Emergenza Final is definately on 25th July tickets are £8 for the whole day (4pm - 11pm) there are about 15 bands on so it's really good value for money. We're organizing a coach trip to so it'll be a lot cheaper than going up by train - e-mail us for details.

29th May 2004

London Astoria 2 here we come!!!
On Wednesday night we won our heat of the Emergenza finals in Brighton which meant we went through to the Regional final at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, however.... thanks to the massive support of our friends, family and fans we accumulated enough votes to bypass the regional finals and go straight through to the National finals at The Mean Fiddler in London otherwise known as the Astoria 2 (LA2) Which will be taking place on either 18th or 25th July!!!

We will be organizing a coach trip to London and will let you know when we have more information... watch this space! Well done to Emphyrian for making it through to the Astoria with us and good luck to The Trick at the Regional finals in Portsmouth in June, get along to support them if you can!!!

The new album and T-shirts are selling well so if you want one go to the merchandise page before they run out! Thanks also to Hastings Rock FM for playing our new album over the last month.

12th May 2004

Despite a small technical hitch we had a fantastic gig playing in front of about 400 people when we supported Discharge at the Concorde2 in Brighton on Saturday and we just want to say a Big thank you to all of the other bands who played too - Slaughterhouse 57, Combat Shock & Beerzone.

The album is here... and it looks and sounds Fuckin' awesome (but then we are biased!!!) Buy it here. See reviews of it here.

1st May 2004

The album is due back from the pressing company this week so will be on sale at our next gig, we have two big gigs coming up... next Saturday 8th May Supporting Discharge at the Concorde 2 and the next round of Emergenza which is on 26th May at the Old Market in Hove. If we get through this round we'll be playing at either the Wedgewood rooms in Portsmouth or The Astoria in London!!! We are selling tickets for this event at an AMAZING £5 - that's pretty good value to see 7 bands!!! e-mail us if you require tickets and we'll get 'em in the post to ya! New T-shirts will also be available from next week, they will have the new album cover design on the front! We also wrote another new song last night and it's sounding pretty SKA!

9th April 2004

The album is complete!!! The last two tracks were recorded last weekend and the whole album has been put together and mastered by Jason from Stakeout Studio's who has done a fantastic job. The artwork for the album is nearly finished and we should have the finished product on sale in time for the Concorde2 gig with Discharge. Also new t-shirt designs will be available - keep an eye out here for an early design preview.

15th Mar 2004

We're through to the semi-finals of the Emergenza event in Brighton, we'll let ya know dates and venue's etc as soon as we know our selves, big thanx to everyone who turned up and supported us. We're also off to the studio in two weeks time to record the final three of twelve songs that will hopefully make up the first Hateball album!!!

A new T-shirt design is also in the pipeline so keep checking back for updates.

11th Feb 2004

After a really good gig at The Junction on Saturday we went on up to the Studio in Chobham to record 3 more songs... and bloody hell they turned out rather good! Keep your eye on the site and you might be able to download them soon... or maybe some of them!

We've also signed up for the Emergenza competition in Brighton - come along to the gig on 14th March and lend us your support! It's an event for Columbia records so this is the one to be at!!!

Contact us for tickets - £5 for 6 bands!

17th Jan 2004

Oops!!! I know it's been a while since the last update but we haven't been sitting on our arses!!! We've played some blinding gigs and written some new songs. We've just booked 3 gigs and will be booking more shortly! Bessie (RIP) our van died last year and we will be replacing her shortly! The plan is now to get back into the studio at the beginning of Feb and the end of March and get another six songs recorded and then try and release it as an album through an Indie label.

See you all soon at the next lot of gigs