16th December

H8ball are in this months Big Cheese Magazine check out the reviews section!

What a really cool few weeks we've had, first playing with The Damned in November and then Trashlight Vision this week!!! They are all really cool guys! Trashlight Vision will be touring again in March next year to support their debut album so we're really hoping to hook up with them for a few dates. We've also just confirmed another gig with our old pals The UKSubs on 7th January at The Crypt in Hastings. Looks like 2006 is gonna be a stormin' year for H8Ball.

H8ball have also been featured on the Podcast Network Rock show this week... check it out here! Cool!

We'll see ya all on Saturday at Stringbendy's for Vern's Benefit gig... Take Care!


16th November

Kerrang! review the Dogs D'Amour + Hateball gig... check out the reviews section!

15th November

DEBOURCHERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (taken from our latest Myspace blog)!

What a killer weekend. Started friday with Luke, James and Ashley's birthday do at the Crown and Anchor. Ya know it made me feel pissed just looking at these guys, but I think it was a bit of an all around jolly up.

Saturday and it's back to Glynde for another session of insanity. The Scallywags, still pissed, ripped through a class set. And to finish me (Toby) and Steve joined the boys onstage for a rendition of 'Roots Radicals'. Then on to our set, although there wasn't a great deal of people there, you know you're in fer a good time with the Scallywags and the Eastbourne Beer crew chanting infront of ya. Definately the longest set we've done yet at over two hours. Which in turn ended up with The Scallywags back on stage jammin through Johnny B Goode, Hound Dog, Twist n' Shout and others. I will not be fogetting this weekend in a hurry.


12th November

Tickets are available for The Damned and Trashlight Vision... I've set them up on ebay to make it easier

Click here for Damned tickets and Click here for Trashlight Vision tickets ...get 'em quick before we run out!

6th November

A mixture of good and bad news this time.... first the bad news... Our very good friend Vern sadly passed away on 21st October. Vern was the inspiration behind our Tattoo Messiah song, he was a good mate and will be sadly missed by all his friends in Hateball and at Deep Blue Tattoo. All of Hateball attended his funeral in the Isle of Wight on Friday 4th November and a benefit gig will take place on 17th December.

Now the good news... the gigs keep getting better and better! We'll be supporting THE DAMNED!!! at the Concorde 2 on 27th November... yes you heard right.. THE DAMNED!!! along with Wreckless Eric and The Weirdos... should be awesome but get there early as it's 7pm doors and Hateball will be on at 7.15pm sharp!

And on 12th December (also at the Concorde 2) we're lucky enough to be playing with our mates Trashlight Vision again, if it's anything like the last two times we played with them you'll be in for a great show!

Tickets are available from us for both gigs. The Damned tickets are £14 and TLV are £8... both with free postage. Click here to order them from us. See you in Eastbourne this friday... more news very soon!

13th October

Brightona was a great day... as well as being Tez's 40th!.. we had a great time playing with Slaughterhouse 57 and Best Left Dead to an enthusiastic crowd of bikers, grannies, kids in pushchairs and of course our loyal Hateballers! A mixed crowd indeed. Got some great pix (thanks Janine, Toby and anyone else who took pix that day) check out the gallery section! Our efforts that day, together with all the other traders etc, raised something like £10,000 for the Brighton Heart Trust.... well done everyone!

If you haven't signed up for our mailing list to receive (infrequent) newsletters... please go to the home page and stick yer email address down for us.... and get yer mates to do the same.... we won't bombard you with junk mail - promise! ...cheers!

And our string of supporting Legend Punk bands continues..... watch this space for an announcement we're all really excited about very shortly!!!

30th September

What a week it's been... supporting two punk legend bands, The UK Subs and The Anti Nowhere League, and they were both great shows. There will be some photo's on the website very shortly. If anyone else has any decent photo's then please feel free to email them to us and we'll put them in the gallery section. We played two new songs, Cold Summer and You Decide and they went down very well, we'll have a third song ready for when we play the Concorde 2 on Oct 29th with Dogs D'Amour.

We've got a few more gigs being booked so keep an eye on the gig dates and as soon as we've got confirmed dates they'll be on the website.

16th September

Right you lot..... listen up! I know we've not updated the news alot recently but that just means we've been too damn busy to do it ok!!! Well, that and the fact that my hard disk died taking everything with it... Grrrr!!! Anyway, all sorted now! You'll be glad to know that we've got three new songs, two of which we'll be playing at our gig in Acton tomorrow night.

October 9th we're playing Brightona, the Harley Davidson Raleigh. This happens to coincide with Tez's birthday so it should be a really good day.

October 29th we'll be supporting Dogs D'Amour at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. Tickets are available from us at £10 (cheaper than on the door) including Free P&P! drop us an email for details.

That's all for now, but keep checking back and don't forget we have a myspace page too, where you can hear our latest four recorded toons. www.myspace.com/hateball

24th July

Oops... it's been just over two weeks since the last update and quite a bit has happened since.... getting a nice big spread in Brighton's Argus, coming 2nd in the Party in the Park competition... good job we didn't win as Daze One had the worst sound at PITP ever! Played a great gig in Crawley with our mates Beerzone last night! We've also got three news songs which we'll be finishing off and playing live very soon!

We've also been contacted by Acey Slade (Murderdolls) and his band Trashlight Vision will be coming back to the UK in Oct/Nov so hopefully we'll be able to hook up with them and play some gigs together.... watch this space. We've all looking forward to the next lot of gigs now especially playing with Punk Legends UK SUBS and Anti Nowhere League... Sweet!

8th July

Well... after two days notice Hateball Rocked the West Quay in Brighton Marina at Southern FM's Battle of the Bands competition.... The finals are next week at Karma (also Brighton Marina) so come along and give us yer support... if we win that we'll be playing to 40,000 people at Party in the Park!!! Also... we've finally made it into the local rag... The Argus.. nice big spread too!! Anyway, will keep ya updated.. see you on wednesday at the Marina, kick off at 7pm sharp!!! (Nigel)

5th July

Congratulations to Steve and Andrea on the birth of Baby Milo.... let's hope he has some rhythm so he can show his poor old Dad how to play Bass properly!!! (only joking Stevo!)

29th May

Quite a few news updates just lately.... that's coz we've been super busy!!! Just a quicky today though... ohh err!!! Just to say that we had a great review in this months EAST MAGAZINE... go find it on the reviews page! Also had a great time at the Rose & Crown in Crawley last night and are looking forward to tonight and tomorrows gigs at Stringbendy's and Halland. We've got some new songs in the offing and they're sounding like real Hateball classics!

Anyway that's all for now.. keep an eye on the Hateball Myspace page too! Read about our weekend on this latest blog here!

23rd May

Howdy Y'all,

Biggest news at the mo is that we stepped out of the studio last week with another four tracks under our belts. Brave Face Broken Heart, False Promises, Chance and Tattoo Messiah. All of which can be listened to on our myspace page. Two of these tracks will be going towards a split E.P with our muckers from Brighton Slaughterhouse 57.

A busy week lays ahead, 28th Crawley, 29th Eastbourne and 30th in Halland... see gigs for details. Back to Glynde for a show in June, then probably a little break for a while, to write some new tunes and for Steve to be inducted into fatherhood. But don't fret we already have some gigs lined up for later in the summer. Word has it we'll be rockin Eastbourne Bandstand again and possibly Stringbendys with old school legends U.K Subs. Also keep ya eyes peeled for news which we'll be posting as and when it happens.

See ya at the weekend!

...Toby !

2nd May

Eastbourne Rocks!!! What an awesome night we had at the bandstand last night at the Festival of Fire! We headlined the gig at the open-air seafront venue, playing to somewhere between one and two thousand people! Annoying the guests at the Cumberland and Cavendish Hotels ha ha ha... I'm sure we'll be in the local rag too this week as there were plenty of press there. The reaction from the crowd and the atmosphere was manic... what else can I say.... EASTBOURNE FUCKIN' ROCKS!!! We even saw a couple of the blue rinse brigade givin' it some on the balcony.. or maybe they were just having seizures!!!

See you all at the Camden gig next Saturday!!!


26th April

Wow!!! What a night Therapy was! All was rad apart from the obligatory Concorde 2 technical hitches! Nothing to do with the sound men or the venue itself just the curse that lies beneath it and waits for our van to arrive to rear its ugly head! Or maybe its just poor organisation on our/my part! My wireless pack gave up the ghost half way through the 3rd song so I launched it…in hindsight probably not the best solution! But other than my strop the set was pretty damn tight. Al, the sound guy, took a minidisk recording of our entire set which I have yet to listen to.

Also a few things to look forward to, I.e. new recordings and the Sussex county fair? Should be interesting!

See you all there.... Peace!!!!!!!


Just a small addition... just wanted to say what a great bunch of guys Therapy? are! We drank with 'em til the early hours of the morning and had a real good laugh... cheers guys! check out the pics in the gallery.


6th April

A Coach trip to the Camden Underworld gig on Saturday May 7th has been organised... Tickets are £15 which includes entry at the venue.... great value for a saturday night out in London!!!

Contact us now for tickets as there are a limited number available.

30th March 2005 - Big News Update - Support for Therapy? at The Concorde 2 announced today!

Well, what a bunch of busy buggers we have been, especially the last couple of weeks.

Let's start with The Forum in Tunbridge Wells. Nice to be playing somewhere different for a start. We met some real nice people and I can see a couple of the bands we played with getting pretty huge. That is not in the way that we are huge i.e. the collective weight of a family of gorillas (big bastard ones!). Shout out to Grumpy Jack Dan for promoting, keep up the good work! p.s Tootsies do wicked burgers, although we could have taken offence, having been seated next to the toilets in a near empty restaurant. And to our amusement the waiter forgot he had already taken our order. How many Rock N Roll bands plus entourage does one serve in an evening, IN A NEAR EMPTY RESTAURANT? Ha.

Next up The Concorde 2 in Brighton. Almost feels like home. We had all been looking forward to this for a while, especially knowing that you guys had had 120 tickets off us for this one; cheers guys much love. We'd played with Trashlight Vision last year at the Underworld and knew they were good guys. Once again they proved this while chillin with us back stage. Plan A who were supporting also didn't arrive till about 10 minutes before we went on due to traffic and so didn't get a sound check, but still top geezers. We had a great set and wicked sound, as always thanks to the superb sound engineers. Acey and Trashlight Vision watched us from the side lines and gave us a pat on the back as we exited the stage. Word has it that it gave Rob a warm feeling in the pants. So who should turn up just as we were finishing, Charlie Harper of the UK Subs and Captain Sensible from The Damned. There was much chin wagging and merriment.

Now Wednesday, we were supposed to be playing at the Purple Turtle in Camden, however due to the other two bands having to pull out, the gig was cancelled at the eleventh hour. We got on the phone to Buzz in Brighton, knowing it was his Birthday that day. As luck would have it he'd just had a band cancel on him and needed another. This meant due to previous advertising we appeared as Special Guests. We knew we were playing with Slaughter House 57, which is always a riot. Headlining were The Neurotic Swingers, good guys. Had a real good evening in general which included arm wrestling for money, fools, and ended with us having a burnout with Slaughterhouse in our transits. It goes without saying we won, both.

And so to Saturday, where we played Stringbendys, which we hadn't played for ages. Nice turn out and thanks to the diehard contingent who made it to all the shows.

Just a quick mention; we took delivery of our new T-shirts, so you can now be the proud owner of one with our ugly faces plastered over them. Also check the gigs section for upcoming shows, just booked; support for Therapy? At The Concorde 2 21st April. Definitely NOT to be missed!! email us for Tickets!

.......Toby Rocke!

27th February 2005

Never thought i'd see crowd surfing at the Working Men's Club in Glynde... Awesome!!! It was such a cool gig last night, made even better by having free beer all night! The Working Men's Club is a small place but very Punk Rock... great gig, great crowd! And our muck about versions of Gay Bar and The Proclaimers' 500 Miles went down a storm! As did our new song Brave Face Broken Heart.

Well back to rehearsals next week for our upcoming gigs... we've got quite a few coming up and we've got some real cool songs coming along! Then into the Studio in April to record another 5 songs.

The website is still being updated with photo's in the gallery... no one realizes how long it takes to do those bloody things!! ha ha.. Oh well that's all for now, check back soon and keep it PUNK ROCK!!!

24th January 2005

Just a quick fuck yeah to say thanks to everyone who came to see us at The Nuthouse and The Concorde2 this weekend... two awesome gigs in a row, thanks also to Breed 77 and Best Left Dead - Diamond Geezers! Have a look at the gallery for photo's of this weekends gigs!

We've just booked a couple more gigs at the Concorde2 in Brighton and the Purple Turtle in Camden, check out the gigs page for more details and check back here regularly for more news as we get it.

13th January 2005

Hi all you happy Hateballers... Awesome weekend coming up next weekend! We're playing with the legendary Hangmen on Saturday and with Breed 77 on Sunday where we've got the main support slot so it should be a great night, make sure you get there nice and early as doors open at 7pm, check out the gigs page or click here for the Hangmen flyer or here for the Breed 77 flyer.

We've also booked the recording studio up again for early April... the new songs are sounding awesome, we're sure you won't be disappointed!

5th January 2005

Happy New Year all you loyal Hateballers!!! Hope you all had a pissed up Christmas... we certainly did - check out the bands Christmas Curry Pics on the Gallery page!

Just a few things to report... Had some excellent gigs in December, especially the Metal Kettle bash at The Old Market in Hove with Best Left Dead and Emphyrian, thanks for coming along to see us! We've booked our next session in the Recording Studio, April 3rd - 6th, hopefully an E.P. will emerge from that... and a new song finished (minus a title!), which you'll all get to hear when you come and see us at the Concorde2 on 23rd Jan, drop us an email if you need tickets!

Met Captain Sensible from The Damned the other day... what a nice chap - will hopefully be at our Concorde gig!

That's all for now - will keep you all updated as and when... so keep checking back!