30th July

Hey you lot,
There is a technical reason for the lack of updates recently; IT'S TOO FRICKIN HOT! Who wants to be sitting at the computer in the middle of summer, eh?

So as i sit here this cool Sunday morning/afternoon I'm gonna try and rack my brains as to what's been happening.

First off a belated congratulations to Tez and Kaz for producing a stirling little boy, Charlie. Now 7 weeks old and nearly as big as his Dad, ha ha.

Secondly, a couple of weeks ago, we played with the UK Subs, who we'd dragged in to play for Steve's stag do. Along with The Scallywags with their new line up, and first time playing with Terrorcats, very cool. It was a pretty damn good night actually. Jamie and Pete of the Subs came out for a few drinks afterwards as did half of Eastbourne. Boy did it get messy, half 4 I managed to hit the hay. You can catch a few moments of the evening here: Moving pictures with sound!! Check out the other vids there too.

So then a week later, Steve and Andrea tied the knot. There was blood, sweat, tears and all sorts of other bodily fluids flying all over the place!! But seriously it was a great day. I'll get sum pictures posted as soon as I can get my hands on them. Long live the Barrys!

We're also setting aside a few days in August to get some new tunes recorded which are coming along. Keep them ears pinned back!

Check our gigs cos we've got a couple coming up that we hope to see yous lot at.

Keep those messages coming in and we'll see ya all soon..... Toby

29th May

Just over 700 miles on the road in the last few days... we had a pretty damn good time and a great response from everyone that saw us! A massive thank you to Charlie and the UK Subs and Kai (Joiners) for putting it on. We'll hopefully have some more dates with them around December so keep watching for news. Also a big thank you to Deadline and Alec and Laura from Last Gang In Town for putting on the show. And finally to King Kurt and Frenzy for being top blokes and Mark (Hobbits) for putting us on and Guyborg for arranging it. Cheers! ...now for some sleep!

There's a review of the Cambridge gig here... check it out! Cheers Mulluk!

2nd May

Hateball have just recorded another new song "Truth Be Told" which you can hear on our myspace page, so off you go... give it a listen and let us know what you think!!!

The Engine Room gig last week was a great success so thanks to all of you who came along. We've still got new songs in the pipeline which we're all really excited about... they just keep getting better! And we've got plenty of live dates this month so get yer asses along to as many as you can. Oh... and a new T-shirt design is just around the corner!!!

Catch ya soon...

9th April

Yeah yeah... we know... it's been a little while since we updated the news page!!

Well... whats been happening then? We recorded a new song "Into The Fray" last month (hear it on Myspace) which has been going down extremely well... a good sign of things to come!! The latest song "By The Blade" is another kick ass number which we can't wait to play to ya all... make sure you get along to see us again soon!

Tez has just returned from his trip to San Fransisco, where the feed back has been very positive about our new recording.

The Bendy's gig at the end of this month is being re-arranged for a different venue, we'll let you know where it'll be as soon as we find out. That's about it for now... Laters!!!

29th January... a message from Toby...

Good evening Ladies and Germs,

Looks like it's all change in the Hateball camp. Recently Grant has parted company with the band. So I, Toby, have stepped up to the challenge of lead vocals. We wish Grant all the luck in the future with whatever direction he persues.

I know i've been a little, scratch that, fucking lazy updating you guys with what's been going on, but here's a quick  refresher...

We have has some wicked shows since november, firstly getting to play to a sell out crowd with The Damned, fuckin' A.

Then once again the Trashlight Vision boyz came over on their Birthday Bloodbath tour. And as always TLV proved themselves as the most down to earth, but still hard rockin' guys. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Next up we had the memorial gig for our mate Vern, who you may remember passed away in October. Despite it being a sad occasion, we can't thank you lot enough for making it such a special night. Sorry for my shit memory but I believe his name was Alex, that's the guy who started our set with amazing grace on the bagpipes, which suitably set the mood. T'was quite moving. From that show over Â?600 was raised which, hopefully, will be paying for a hand built bench which will be situated outside Verns second home, Deep Blue Tattoo studio. So much love to you guys for your compassion and the other bands who took part. And I'll let you know when the bench is in place.

Also before Chrimbo, we did another Glynde show with The Scallywags. I don't really need to say anymore on this show, cos I'm sure by now you know they ALWAYS GO OFF!!!!

Our first visit to The Joiners in Southampton went rather well on the 30th Dec. We really couldn't have asked for a better responce for a first time show in a town/city where no one knew who we were. But from that we have secured another show with the UK Subs in May.

So then to January and we're playing support to the UK Subs with the Scallywags. This was my debut as lead singist and it felt fuckin' amazing. So another big thank you for making my life a hell of a lot easier that night. Photos of that do can be found here. Cheers Kev.

And finally last night...........................................................................................
er.........um.............fuck! Hairs standing up on the back of my neck, heart pounding, FUCKING AWESOME! Nuff said.

And so we will be taking a little break over febuary to collect our thoughts, write some new tunes and make sure we come out firing on all cylinders. Keep in touch in the mean time whether it be through Myspace or our website. Props to you all and we'll see ya soon.

H8ball out.

20th January

A bit of a late Happy New Year to you all... a very busy and very enjoyable end to 2005 with gigs at Southampton Joiners and our Christmas party at Glynde. Another gig at Stringbendy's in Eastbourne coming up at the end of the month, drop us an email if you need tickets coz it'll sell out in no time with The Scallywags, Slaughterhouse 57 and Lola Montez also playing... should be a top night! Now booking gigs for 2006 so keep an eye on the gigs page!

More news soon.....