New Tracks (May 2005)

2018 EDIT: Here are the links to the 5 songs from our 2005 demo and 1 song from our 2006 demo: Brave Face Broken Heart (2005), False Promises (2005), Chance (2005), Tattoo Messiah (2005), Into the Fray (2006),

Live Now... Die Later! (Released May 2004)

Between July 2003 and April 2004 Hateball embarked on recording their self financed debut album, Live Now... Die Later, at Stakeout Studio's. The album sounded fantastic, thanks to a top job by Jason Wilcock and Matt Bew and has been selling like hotcakes at gigs and by word of mouth. See the reviews section on this website!

You can download samples of four tracks below: (all tracks are in MP3 format sampled at 128Kbps)

Live Now Die Later (965k)

Low Life (1224k)

The Limit (1086k)

Hold Your Head Up (1024k)

If you need an MP3 player click this link: