Did I get it that time?  

Name: Toby Rocke

Age: 24

Where were you born: Redhill, Surrey (I've never owned a horse or been to a gymcarna, if thats how you spell it).

Favourite Hateball gig: Hobgoblin, Brighton 29.10.03

Favourite non-Hateball gig: Lars Frederiksen 30th jan this year, My hero, ahh.

First gig: Rancid, Astoria, London '98, I know, late starter.

First band played in: This is it you lucky, lucky people.

Biggest musical influence: My resonater guitar!

Favourite bands: Rancid, Social Distortion, $wingin' Utter$, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, The Living End, Dropkick Murphys, Sublime. And others.

First record bought: Dunno, but I did record the A-Team theme tune onto tape off the telly when i was little. (ed - you still are little!!! ...Rob)

What are you listening to at the moment: Having a resurgance of my $wingin' Utter$ back catalogue, Five Lessons Learned; killer album.

Favourite food: Anything Humanly, yes humanly edible.

Worst habit: Wiping the contents of my nostrils in various places.

Piercings and tattoo's: Gaping hole in me left ear thats it at the mo, watch this space.

Sexiest woman: Kirsty Galagher, Natalie Portman, that bird off TRL, oh yeah.

Anything else you need to know about Toby: I got a cat called Ramone; she's my biggest critic. And I probably drink more coffee than my body can handle.

Toby plays: Fender Telecaster Deluxe (best purchase ever!), but Live Now Die Later was recorded with a normal American Series Telecaster, also I use a Danelectro Rock-a-bye pedal for a bit of drive here and there. Amp; Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 and a 4x12 Marshall Cab.



Justin Timberlake and Toby Rocke

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  Just hangin' around
Coz I is a dude in it!     Tokin Tobe
So that's what they look like!     Cheesy Grin
Shouldn't have used Sun-In     Eyes bigger than me belly!
Coz I is Evil in it!     Where's the Scooby Snacks!
Popeye ain't got a patch on me     My Pussy!
Justin Timberlake     Toby Rocke